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RodnGun.com's Trip Planner

This utility allows you to enter up to ten(10) waypoints and it will calculate the distance and bearing to each as well as round trip parameters. You may enter either your own coordinates or select from the rodnreel GPS Waypoint and Offshore Structures Database. Remember to enter the waypoints in the order you wish to travel in.

Please be very careful when entering your own coordinates. You must enter them as the example shows, ie, first Degrees, then a space, then minutes, then a period, then four decimals representing the fractions of a minute, then a space, then either a N,E,S,W character. Enter zeros to fill in any places where needed to fulfill the pattern. An example of a Latitude is 29 03.0000 N

My Trip Plan

Adding Waypoints My Waypoints

Enter your waypoint in the form below or search RodnGun's GPS waypoint and Offshore Structures Database. Please pay special attention to the format of the values if entering your own coordinates. Also, make sure you enter or select waypoints in the order you wish to travel.

Name of Location:

Latitude(DD MM.MMMM):
North Latitude is assumed

Longitude(DD MM.MMMM):
West Longitude is assumed

Click here to look in our GPS Waypoint & Offshore Structures Database

No waypoints entered or selected

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