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Metairie, LA USA

Our service offers state of the art information and abilities to market your business that the other guys don't understand or are unwilling to make the significant cash outlays that these technologies require.

Dollar for dollar we out produce ALL newspapers, magazines and Internet sites that are devoted to promoting fishing & hunting related businesses. We spend our money on new technology, software and data sources that bring in readers and prospective customers for your business.

Our thrust is on TRAFFIC and not slick salesmen selling snake oil and promises about the future. We produce now and have been the industry leader since 1995. Ask yourself where were these guys were in 1995 and where are they now?

Our best sales pitch is the undeniable success of our advertisers! Click on and advertisers name to the left and read about how our websites help these businesses to grow.

If you would like to get information regarding advertising your Fishing and/or Hunting business, please give us a call at (504) 780-8551 Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm CST.

When it crept into mainstream society less than a decade ago, the Internet was little more than a novel idea with few practical applications. Computers of the early 1990s were few, slow, and there was none of the web traffic, e-mails or on-line shopping that we are now are familiar with.

Computers have changed our lives and the world we live in. In the 21st Century, these machines can be found almost everywhere, no matter how far off or secluded a place may be. Together, computers and the Internet have brought a vast wealth of information to our fingertips. They are the single most effective marketing vehicles since television. The information superhighway has become part of everyone’s life, regardless of a person’s age, education, business or income.

At, Louisiana’s No. 1 outdoors website, we realize the power that the Internet holds. And so do a growing number of leaders in the industry. Whether you a charter captain, marina owner or marine retailer, will put potential clients in touch with you, from all over the state, across the country, and around the world.

It’s really that simple. By advertising with, new bookings, new clients, new customers will come to you. With more than 5.2 million visits or "hits" every month, your business, your photos, your message, will be seen by exactly the people who need to see it most - serious outdoors enthusiasts. Unlike magazines, television or newspapers, there is no wasted effort, or money spent on people who will never be your customers. is guaranteed to give you far more bang for your advertising buck. And you can become part of the most informative and entertaining outdoors web sites in the world for less than you expect. Many business owners have already seen substantial results after advertising and posting regular reports on Even if you book just one new trip a month, your website has already paid for itself several times over.

First our staff will custom design and build a web page just for you. This multi-paged site will include a feature story on you, compelling photos and important facts about your business or product. The story will include enticing information about the species you target, as well as the techniques and tackle you use. It may also include links to separate web and photo pages, a fishing reports section, and testimonials from your satisfied clients.

Your web site will also highlight maps and directions of where to go, and where you will be fishing. Most of our web sites include information about boats, lodging facilities and other unique things about the area you work in. In short, it will provide people with everything they’ll want to know about your business. Any time, any day or night, whether you are open or not.

Anyone who has guided fishing or hunting trips for even a short time already knows how fiercely competitive the business has become. The number of resident and out-of-state fishing license holders is at an all-time high. And so is the number of Louisiana-based charter captains. So there is probably not a better time than now to become part of

The staff at includes a group of professional computer programmers, graphic artists and outdoor writers, who take their fishing and hunting very seriously. We love what we do, and are proud of what we have accomplished. Since went on line in 1995, we have had a direct hand in creating many success stories. Here are just a few.

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